Làm thế nào để viết Đề xuất nghiên cứu tiến sỹ – Writing a PhD research proposal

Some main points should be thoroughly born in mind before writing a PhD research proposal:

1. Remember that a research proposal is just about what you want to study – not a thesis. Hence, you should think about your PhD research proposal in a clear, structured, and meaningful way

2. Why research proposal is essential in the application process?
+ applicant’s potential to become a good research
+ good match with department’s supervisors’ areas of research. Always remember this small point when preparing for a PhD course, unless you will waste your time and energy. In fact, some university will decline your PhD application though you are an excellent applicant because what you want to study is not consistent in line with the department’s field.

3. Realize that this is a particularly important factor influencing your accepted ability onto a PhD program which you wish. In other words, the better your proposal, the greater your chances of being offered.

4. A good research proposal need to exhibit 2 main points:
+ your capacity to think and analyze independently critically.
+ your capacity to communicate with your ides clearly

5. The ideas should/must be realistic and interesting. This is very important to help you achieve first impression to the reader.

6. Again, keep in mind that: A good research proposal should not be complicated. There is no official format for a research proposal, but normally a good proposal has six main sections as follows: (According to guide of Exeter Uni)

6.1 a clear working title for your research project 

6.2 a clear statement about what you wnat to work on and why it is important, interesting, relevant, and realistic

6.3 some background knowledge and context of the area in which you wish to work, including key literature, key people, key research findings

6.4 some consideration of the methods/approach you might use

6.5 Some indication of the strategy and timetable for your research project and any research challenges you may face

6.6 a list of the key references which support your research proposal

7. The appropriate length is from 2000-2500 words. Don’t too long or too short. You need provide information in a way of 3-Cs : “Clear – Concise – Coherent”

8. How to perfect your research proposal:
+ First, follow the guide of the uni/department/school you are applying for PhD program.
+ Arrange your time to write the proposal seriously and ask comments from your friends or professors about your proposal before submitting.

Perfect your proposal is the best way to demonstrate your ability to the department, so why not spend your time and energy into it?

Good luck,


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