Prediction about Nobel winner in Economics in the year of ….

John B. Taylor definitely deserves to win this prize. I will wait for the day the Nobel commission calls his name. I believe that that day is not too far, it is probably within next two years.


4 thoughts on “Prediction about Nobel winner in Economics in the year of ….

  1. Normally, Nobel prize is given to economists who are already at the end of their career. Granger won the prize in 2003 when he himself was 69 years old! (perhaps Granger won the prize before Sims because Granger is much older than Sims. I personally think that Sims deserves to win the prize before Granger but as it turned out Granger couldn’t wait until Sims won the prize – Granger died in 2009. Age is also taken into consideration, seriously!!
    Sims and Sargent were 69 and 68 years old, respectively when they won the prize. I don’t know how old Taylor is but if I have to hazard a guess, I think he’ll win the prize before he turns 70 :))

    • Hi Mrs. Left,
      It sounds a very interesting correlation. Thanks for figuring it out. Given your suggestion, Taylor was born in 1946, so he is 66 years old now which is two-year older than Friedman’s (64), 11-year older than Krugman’s (56), and 8-year older than Michael Spence’s (58) in their Nobel-awarded year, so the probability that he is awarded a Nobel prize in Economics in this year is very high.

      • You’re a big fan of Taylor, no doubt about that 🙂
        I’m also a big fan of Taylor !! I mean Taylor Swift, not John B.Taylor (pity ^^). But John B. Taylor surely is a great economis!!

        I don’t know why but I prefer Mankiw to win a Nobel prize in Economics (perhaps because in UEB we students use Mankiw’s textbook, not Taylor’s or Krugman’s ^^). Besides, if Mankiw wins a Nobel prize, then Krugman can ask him to place a wager on some forecasts “Wanna bet some of that Nobel money?” just like Mankiw did ?!
        That sounds nasty, but real exciting!!

      • Haha. Mankiw also deserves for the Nobel prize. I think that he will get it in the next few years. It’s great to know that you are also a UEBer. Good luck to you.

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