Giảm thuế có làm tăng tổng tiêu dùng?

Xem cuộc thảo luận với 2 ý kiến ngược nhau từ 2 bài sau:

1. Ý kiến của Taylor trong bài: The Lack of an Empirical Rationale for a Revival of Discretionary Fiscal Policy

2. Christina D Romer trong bài phát biểu tại trường Hamilton vào 7/11/2011: WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF FISCAL POLICY? SEPARATING EVIDENCE FROM IDEOLOGY


2 thoughts on “Giảm thuế có làm tăng tổng tiêu dùng?

  1. it is one of issues John Quiggin mentioned in his book -zombie economics. It would be thought that lowering tax rate for the rich would boost the economy as the rich will have more opportunity to invest and create jobs. But the fact is reverse-no more jobs are created after lowering tax rate. Empirical evidences also show that the trickle effect does not exist. He suggested that it is a zombie thought and it should be killed. Paul Krugman, Mankiw agree with him as well.

  2. oops, my comment is pretty dull. I mean John Quiggin suggests that there is no trickle down effect(lowering tax rate for the rich will not create jobs for the middle and poor) Paul Krugman also has a quite few of extreme critics on Obama’s tax reforms-delaying increase tax rate for the rich-on his blog.

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